Is the Greenbo Planter suitable for all railings?

The Greenbo planter is suitable for any railing types and shapes (round, square, straight or curved),
Its adjustable sink can fit all railings, which allows it to a have perfect fit for both old and new railing.
Simply place your Greenbo planter on your railing, deck or fence. State of the art, unique patented design assures its secure fit and stability.

Is Greenbo Safe? Can it fall due to wind or by a push?

Greenbo planter is totally safe.
The heart of the Stabler mechanism is its sink’s ribs, which prevent it from falling in any direction or loose fit.
The Greenbo's planter bi-leg design holds the planter tight to the railing.
The Greenbo's planter plastic contains UV ingredients which makes the planter 100% weatherproof resistant.

Note: As an extra precaution, the Greenbo Planter can be tightened to the railing with a nylon cable.

Is Greenbo quality product durable? 

The Greenbo planter is made of high-quality plastic which provides enhanced durability and stability.
The Greenbo planter plastic contains UV ingredients which makes the planter weatherproof resistant.

Is there a problem growing roots in the Greenbo planter space? 

You can plant a few plants or just a single plant when the roots eventually split into two spaces of the Greenbo planter. Roots grow toward the soil where they have food.

Does the Greenbo planter contain a drainage solution?

The Greenbo planter includes two separate drainage trays, which can be disassembled early for any purpose.
The drainage trays design includes a space that allows for water evaporation, thus reducing to a minimum the risk of corrosion or accumulation.
Another important function that the trays serve is to enable the user to make sure that they don’t add to much water.